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“I am B. S. Mani, University Lecturer at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), Newark NJ. In January 2012, I proposed building ‘design well™.’ I teach Fundamentals of Engineering Design, FED101 and Introduction to Computer Aided Design, ME430 among other courses. In the past, I led a design engineering team involved in developing high power electronic warfare equipment as Deputy Manager, Product Design at Bharat Electronics Limited, India. As Research Engineer at McDonald Observatory, I designed the mirror support structure for the Texas 300 inch telescope. I pioneered the implementation of automated x-ray imaging and inspection process for surface mount technology at IBM, Austin Texas and later as Lead Engineer at Motorola. I ran a design consulting business, Solid Idea, inc. in Hinsdale, IL near Chicago, before joining NJIT in fall 2009. AT NJIT I have successfully developed novel methods such as Reverse Engineering in training the freshmen students in learning to use complex solid modeling CAD software such as Creo Parametric (earlier known a Pro/E, Wildfire). It is my sincere belief that ‘inspiring students to work with passion’ early in their education at the University is bound to cultivate successful innovators and inventors. I am very proud of my students from idea! group who are developing the content for the database 'design well™' and the Computer Science students who are helping to develop the portal: 'design well™'” ~ B. S. Mani

Toha Poveda
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“I was born in Quito, Ecuador. I have been in this country over the past three years. I had completed a year and half of college in my country, and continued my education at Bergen Community College in Paramus, NJ. I transferred to New Jersey Institute of Technology in Fall 2011. Currently, I am on the first semester of senior year. My major is Mechanical Engineering. I have experience working in Pro/engineer, and I enjoy modeling in it. I started using Pro/engineer on Fall 2011, and I haven’t stopped since then. I gained more experience in this CAD software tool in summer 2012. After, I worked in the research program. I decided to step forward with what I learned and designed an exercise machine, the ‘Magic Bean’. I am planning to patent it. Professor Mani from the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department is the one who has worked with me in CAD modeling. This is going to be the fourth semester that I have worked with him. I am a peer mentor in the Community Connections Program. I work with the leadership training at the Lisa A. Pierce Center for Leadership. My future plans are to continue my education and earn a PhD in Renewable Energies.” ~ Toha Poveda

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Daniel Hastings is a member of the founding SURP group that created the first simulations to populate the Design Well Database. His research project focused on the creation of mechanisms related to shaft coupling, fourbar mechanisms, roller bearings and the structure of the Design Well Database. He is currently seeking two B.S. Degrees majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Information Technology and intends to specialize in game design, computer modeling, simulation and robotics. Daniel is also an active member of the Society of Automotive Engineers: Aerospace group and Vice President of NJIT robotics club. In addition to his work as a Member of Design well, Daniel has worked as an undergraduate researcher in several departments on campus in the areas of Modeling, Simulation, Emergency Management and Computer Based Design.

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"I am a senior Mechanical Engineering major in the BS/MS program. I started at the New Jersey Institute of Technology as Biomedical Engineering major in the hopes of going to medical school after my engineering degree. I quickly realized my passion for design and changed majors soon after. Ironically, I now work as a full time Manufacturing Engineering Co-op for Maquet, a Biomedical Engineering company. I hope to one day start a design firm which will employ engineers of all backgrounds to help invent and manufacture revolutionary products that will change our daily lives." ~ Manthan Patel

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Luqman O. Olawin is from, Lagos, Nigeria. Luqman joined NJIT in Spring 2010. He was admitted to the Honors College and is pursuing Mechanical Engineering major. Currently Luqman is a Senior and will graduate in Fall 2013. Luqman was also associated with Community Connections program and served as a Peer Mentor during his junior year. He has continued to mentor the Freshmen students in Mechanical design, even after leaving the Community Connections program. He interests include mechanisms, mechanical design and aerospace engineering. Luqman also plays Soccer and represents NJIT in Soccer. Luqman is member of Delta-Epsilon-Iota and National Society of Collegiate Scholars.

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